Política de privacidad

This Privacy policy concerns the internet website LangMedia sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as website or platform) and services provided by LangMedia sp. z o.o.

Personal data administrator

The administrator of Users’ personal data (hereinafter referred to as Site Provider) is:

LangMedia sp. z o.o.
ul. Rapackiego 5
53-021 Breslavia, POLONIA
NIF: PL 6711762204, REGON: 320522802
Número del Registro Nacional de Tribunales: 0000306795 (VI División Comercial del Registro Nacional de Tribunales bajo el Tribunal de Distrito en Breslavia-Fabryczna)
Capital Social: PLN 113 400,00

In order to get more information, you can contact the Data Protection Officer we have designated at Click on the picture or enter e-mail address. Correspondence address: Data Protection Officer LangMedia sp. z o.o., ul. Rapackiego 5, 53-021 Breslavia, POLONIA.

In this Privacy Policy GDPR refers to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

Data security

The employees of the Site Provider authorised to process personal data take part in the training in accordance with the internal Security Policy and sign statements on maintaining personal data confidentiality.

All servers on which personal data are stored are located within the European Union territory.

We make use of technical and cryptographic security solutions protecting the processed data against unauthorised access, modification or removal. We regularly install security patches on our servers.

Payments security

In the case of payment transactions, the data such as the card number are not processed on our servers, but only on the servers of the authorised companies handling payments, which make use of the security solutions compliant with the legal requirements and the regulations of the organisations that issue payment cards. These companies provide us with the information on the status of particular payment transactions.

By paying via PayPal, payment details are transferred to Paypal (Europa) S.a.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg. The details are transferred pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1 letter b of GDPR and only to the extent necessary to process payments. You can find more information about data protection in the PayPal privacy policy at:

By paying via PayU, payment details are transferred to PayU S.A. with its registered office in Poznań (60-166 Poznań, ul. Grunwaldzka 182), entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000274399, NIP number: 779-23-08-495, Polish payment services provider monitored by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, entered into the register of Polish payment services providers kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the number IP1/2012. The details are transferred pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1 letter b of GDPR and only to the extent necessary to process payments. You can find more information about data protection in the PayU privacy policy at:

What information is collected?

We collect the data related to you whenever you use our websites and applications, create an account in one of our websites, subscribe to the newsletter, participate in our competitions or contact us.

Information provided by the User while creating an account

When an account is created, we ask you to provide the following information:

  • first name and surname,
  • e-mail address,
  • account name (login) - visible to the general public,
  • access password.

The provision of this data is voluntary, but necessary to conclude an agreement to maintain your account on the platform and provide access to paid courses.

If you have a privileged account and access to the administrator panel in eTutor, you must also give your phone number to which the Site Provider will send a text message with a code to verify the person using the account.

In some cases, with the User’s prior consent, an account is created on the basis of the data provided to us by the User’s employer or other entity paying for the course on behalf of the User.

Optional account information provided by the User

When the account has been created, the User may add additional information to his or her profile:

  • photo (avatar) - visible to the general public,
  • phone number,
  • correspondence address,
  • sex,
  • year of birth,
  • Skype login (or another web messenger).

When you log in to the website or create an account using an external website, such as Facebook, we collect your account’s ID, first name, surname, e-mail address and gender.

The Administrator allows you to log in to the website via:

  • Facebook Connect provided by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA or, for the users living within the territory of the EU – Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (hereinafter: Facebook). It is not necessary to register if you use Facebook. In order to log in, you will be redirected to the Facebook page where you can log in with your user data. This way, the User’s Facebook profile is linked to the User’s account. You can find more information about Facebook and its privacy settings at:
  • Google account provided by Google Ireland Ltd. (Gordon House, 4 Barrow Street, Dublin, Ireland (hereinafter: Google). It is not necessary to register if you use a Google account. In order to log in, you will be redirected to the Google page where you can log in with your user data. This way the User’s Google profile is linked to the User’s account. You can find more information about Google and its privacy settings at:

Content sent by the User

When you use our services, we collect and process the following data:

  • history of orders and payments made using the sites, including the payer’s data (in case of payments made to our bank account - first name, surname, address, bank account number),
  • messages sent to us by e-mail, message module on the website, contact form, chat module, social networks and by phone,
  • IP addresses and information related to the devices used to access our services,
  • history of using the sites and mobile applications of the Site Provider,
  • learning history (including the information about the completed lessons, exercises and tests done, repetitions completed and words and grammatical structures learnt, written compositions and recordings),
  • history of search queries in the websites, including queries in Diki dictionary,
  • messages and comments published in the language questions section, on the forum or in the suggestions section,
  • messages exchanged between the Users on the platform,
  • ad views and interactions with the ads,
  • lists of vocabulary and grammar elements, and other content you store on the website.

Private messages exchanged between the Users are treated as confidential and they are not disclosed to third parties without the User’s consent, except for the situation where such disclosure is required under the relevant provisions of law.

The Site offers the function of inviting other people, who have not created an account on our website yet, where the friends’ e-mail addresses can be provided in order to send invitations recommending our services to them. The provided addresses are used to send an invitation on your behalf.


When the Sites are used, the following information may be recorded each time after sending a request to the Site Provider’s server:

  • date and time of sending a request,
  • content and status of the request (for example URL address of the visited web page together with the enclosed parameters),
  • IP address of the computer submitting the request,
  • the amount of data sent in reply,
  • the headers sent by the User’s device (specifying, among others, the browser, operational system, the set language, the web page from which the redirection took place, the content of cookies)

Cookies, browser memory and device cache, pixel tags

In order for the eTutor website to function properly, it uses cookies.

Cookies are files downloaded to your device (computer or mobile device) to store data, which can then be updated and downloaded by the entity responsible for their installation.

We classify the cookies used on our site into:

  • Essential cookies – their presence is required for proper operation and display of the site. They are usually set in response to specific user activities, treated as a service request, such as setting privacy preferences, logging in or filling out forms. Importantly - they do not store any personal data. Our website cannot function properly without these cookies.

and others (optional), which we use only if you agree:

  • Functional cookies – they are used for improving the functionality and personalization of the site. They may come directly from us or from entities whose services we use on our site. If you do not agree to such cookies, it is possible that some elements of the site will not function properly.
  • Technical cookies – they allow the user to navigate the site and use various options or services thereon, such as traffic and data transmission control, session identification, counting visits, or using security elements during navigation.
  • Preference cookies – they remember the information based on which you access the service, with certain characteristics that may differentiate your experience from that of other users, such as the language, design or content of the service depending on the type of browser through which you access the service or the region from which you access itc.
  • Analytical cookies – they are provided by us or third parties and allow us to determine the number of users and thus carry out measurement and statistical analysis of users' use of the services offered. For this purpose, your browsing on our website is analyzed in order to improve our product or service offerings to you.
  • Marketing cookies – they are provided by us or third parties, and allow us to analyze your web traffic in order to tailor the ads displayed on the site to your profile.

In addition, the above-mentioned cookies can be classified according to their storage time:

  • Session cookies – they are temporarily transferred to your device and stored in your browser's memory until the session ends. They allow us to maximize the functionality of the site. We use the information we collect in this way to improve the quality of the site and the user experience.
  • Persistent cookies – these stay on your device longer, allowing us to recognize you as a returning user of the site, so we are better able to tailor the displayed content to your preferences. We also use mechanisms such as browser local storage (for example Web Storage) or device memory (in the case of mobile applications) that can store both the data necessary to provide the requested service (for example your session data, preferences and settings) and additional information, such as unique identifiers or temporary data to speed up the loading of content.

If you do not agree to such data being placed on the device you are using, you can modify your browser settings accordingly or change your preferences on the Account Settings page. f you limit the application of the listed mechanisms, it may affect the functionalities available on the Website. Using the appropriate browser settings, you can also delete previously saved data.

List of essential cookies:

Cookie anme Provider Description Duration Type
hideDialogueTranslation eTutor used to indicate on/off translation in dialogues Session Essential, functional
hideReadingTranslation eTutor used to indicate the inclusion/exclusion of translation in a reading Session Essential
memory-game-audio eTutor used for game memory, set if user disables/enables game sounds Session Essential
doNotShowWritingAssistantProductPage eTutor blocks the display of the correspondence assistant product page Year Essential
quiz-generated-(quiz id) eTutor stores the id of the last quiz attempt for a non-logged-in user two weeks Essential
różne odpowiadające id powiadomienia push eTutor records the opening time of push notifications 5 days Essential
notificationClosed_(message id) eTutor records the closing of a message on the profile dependent on the message Essential
p eTutor identification of the partner from the url address 1 month Essential
promoCodeCookie eTutor saves the promotional code associated with the special offer as active for the user 2 days Essential
autoLoginToken eTutor browser auto login cookies (the “Remember Me” function, based on authorization tokens) 100 days (400 days on mobile) Essential
popupBannerClosed_(i) eTutor used for closing banners 1 day Essential
votingNewRepetition eTutor reports that we are in the process of evaluating new repetitions - we are evaluating the next new repetition, not the first new repetition in the series 2 minutes Essential
autosave-(attribute) eTutor used to automatically save draft versions of edited essays in cookies 1 day Essential
hangman-audio eTutor used for the hangman game, set when user disables/enables game sounds session Essential
coursesChangingTipHidden eTutor used on the company profile, set if the user closes the help message to the course carousel 100 days Essential
rankingHelpTipHidden eTutor used on the company profile, set if the user closes the help message for rankings 100 days Essential
enableAllWebCookies eTutor set when the user agrees to all cookies 100 days Essential
acceptedCookiePolicy eTutor set when the user agrees to cookies - earlier version of acceptance 100 days Essential
onTouchStartDetected eTutor used to mark a device as touch-screen (TouchScreen) 100 days Essential

List of other (optional) cookies:

Cookie name Provider Description Duration Type
autoLoginToken eTutor Login automation 2 months Functional
sid eTutor Session ID until the browser is closed Functional
_fbp Facebook storage and tracking of site visits 3 months Marketing
sb Facebook Storing browser details 2 yers Preference
datr Facebook Fraud prevention 2 yers Marketing
__Secure-3PSIDCC Google This “HSID” cookie is set by DoubleClick (owned by Google) to create a profile of the visitor's interests on the site and present tailored ads for other sites. 1 year Marketing
__Secure-3PAPISID Google Creates a profile of site visitors' interests to display relevant and personalized ads through retargeting. 2 years Marketing
__Secure-1PAPISID Google Used to build a profile of a site visitor's interests in order to display more relevant and personalized Google ads. 2 years Marketing
HSID Google Linked to Google Recaptcha, they help authenticate the user, prevent illegal use of login data and protect user data from unauthorized access. 6 months Technical
AEC Google It is used to prevent spam, fraud and abuse. Ensures that requests within a browsing session are sent by the user and not by other sites. 6 months Technical
1P_JAR Google Used for ad delivery or retargeting. 1 month Marketing
__Secure-1PSID Google They are used for authenticating users, storing session preferences and security. 13 months Technical
__Secure-1PSIDCC Google They create a profile of the site visitor's interests to display relevant and personalized Google ads 1 year Marketing
__Secure-3PSIDTS Google They collect information about your interactions with Google services and ads. Used for measuring the effectiveness of ads and delivering personalized content based on your interests 2 years Marketing
__Secure-3PSID Google Used for targeting purposes to profile the interests of site visitors in order to display relevant and personalized Google ads. 2 years Marketing
__Secure-ENID Google Used for preventing false login attempts. It also contains Google's user ID, which, after successful login, can be used for statistical and marketing purposes 13 months Marketing
OTZ Google They enable an aggregate analysis of visitors to the Site Session or 2 years Analytical
ar_debug Google (Double click) Used for providing ad delivery or retargeting 2 years Marketing
DSID Google (Double click) They are used for storing user preferences. 2 weekd Preference
IDE Google (Double click) They are used for storing and tracking conversions. Persistent Marketing
SAPISID Google (Youtube) Used for playing YouTube videos embedded in the site. More than 2 years Analytical
APISID Google (Youtube) Used for playing YouTube videos embedded in the site. 6 months - 10 years Analytical
SSID Google (Youtube) Used for playing YouTube videos embedded in the site. 6 months - 10 years Analytical
DV Google Ads Used for providing ad delivery or retargeting 1 day Marketing
NID Google Ads Used for providing ad delivery or retargeting, and preventing fraud. 2 years Marketing, technical
SID Google Ads Used for ad delivery or retargeting, storing user preferences. 6 months Marketing
_gcl_au Google Adsense They are used for storing and tracking conversions. 3 months Marketing
_gid Google Analytics Used for storing and counting page views. 1 day Analytical
_ga Google Analytics Used for storing and counting page views. 2 years Analytical
SIDCC Google Maps Used for providing identification of trusted network traffic. 1 year Functional
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress Hotjar Set when the user first enters the site. 1 year Analytical
_hjIncludedInSessionSample_{site_id} Hotjar Its setting determines whether a user is included in a data sample defined by the site's daily session limit. 30 minutes Analytical
_hjFirstSeen Hotjar Identifies the first session of a new user 30 minuts Analytical
_hjSessionUser_{site_id} Hotjar Stores current session data 30 minutes Analytical
_hjSession_{site_id} Hotjar Used for storing unique visits session Analytical
__hssrc Hubspot Used for storing the time of the visit 13 months Marketing
__hstc Hubspot Used for storing and tracking the visitor's identity 13 months Marketing
hubspotutk Hubspot Used for storing a unique session ID session Analityczne
__hssc Hubspot Storing anonymous statistics. 30 minutes Functional
CLID Microsoft Cookie set by Dstillery to enable sharing of media content on social media. It may also collect information about site visitors when they use social media to share site content from the site they visit. 1 year Functional
MSPTC Microsoft It records data about the site visitor, and this information is used for optimizing the relevance of ads. 12 months Marketing
_clsk Microsoft Used for storing and combining user page views into a single session recording 1 day Analytical
_uetsid Microsoft Bing Used for storing and tracking website visits 1 day Marketing
_uetvid Microsoft Bing Used for storing and tracking website visits 13 months Analytical
_clck Microsoft Clarity Used for storing the user ID. 1 year Technical
MUID Microsoft Clarity Used for storing and tracking website visits 1 year Marketing

During your visit to our site, a banner will be displayed with information about the use of cookies. If you select the “Enable all” option, it will mean that you accept all the cookies on our site and confirm that you have read the information about these cookies and the purposes of their use, as well as the cases in which the data collected with the help of these cookies is transferred to our partners.

In the case of essential cookies, your consent is not required, as cookies of this kind ensure the full and uninterrupted functioning of our website.

If you do not want our cookies to be stored on your device, you can select the “Reject All” option. By selecting this option, you will reject all but essential cookies that we use on our site.

We also use pixel tags, which are elements placed, for example, in an email message or in the code of a website, that allow us to monitor activity, such as opening an email message or viewing a particular page. Pixel tags are often used in conjunction with cookies.

The provider of some Cookies are third parties that provide services to the site, which is clearly indicated above the name of the cookies.

The list of these entities and tools can change, but they include, among others:

Google Ads – a remarketing tool from Google LCC that allows to display personalized ads of the eTutor service, more information:,

Google Analytics – a tool that collects information about the visits to the eTutor website, the subpages viewed and the time the User spent on the site, more information:

Facebook Pixel – a tool that allows to target personalized ads to Facebook Users, more information:,

Hotjar – a tool that allows the Administrator to conduct analysis of the User's activity on the site, including collecting data about the behavior and preferences of Users on our site, more information:

HubSpot - a marketing automation and contact management tool that monitors and reports on your online activity, more information:

Pinterest Ads – a marketing automation and contact management tool that monitors and reports on your online activity, more information:

TikTok Ads – the remarketing tool from TikTok Information Technologies UK Ltd, which allows to display personalized ads of eTutor service, more information:

Bing Ads (now known as Microsoft Advertising) - a remarketing tool from Microsoft, which allows to display personalized ads for the eTutor service, more information:

What is the purpose and basis of processing your personal data?

We process your personal data only if we have legal basis to do so.

The purposes of processing personal data on the basis of art. 6 sec. 1 point b of the GDPR (processing required to conclude an agreement that you are a party hereto or to take actions upon your request prior to conclusion of the agreement):

  • concluding and executing the agreement, which covers maintaining your account in the website and handling payments,
  • providing high quality services, maintaining the services, solving technical problems,
  • sending notifications about transactions made and subscriptions approaching their end,
  • settle the agreement after it has been completed.

The purposes of processing personal data on the basis of art. 6 sec. 1 point c of the GDPR (fulfilling our legal obligations) are as follows:

  • bookkeeping and tax settlements,
  • keeping accounting documents for the period of time specified by legal regulations,
  • handling complaints,
  • recording the history of changes to ensure accountability of processed personal data.

The purposes of processing personal data on the basis of art. 6 sec. 1 point f of the GDPR (our legitimate interest) are as follows:

  • handling Users’ inquiries sent by e-mail, contact form, or by phone,
  • monitoring activity on the websites and mobile applications in order to develop the services we provide as well as increase their quality,
  • settlements with the partners through which you order our services,
  • direct marketing (for example informing the users about our services),
  • fulfilling the obligations towards the partners who provide us with contents and software we require to provide our services,
  • carrying out promotions, contests and loyalty programs you can participate in,
  • improving the existing services and products (for example, the written compositions sent to us help us develop the system for detecting and correcting errors and also analyse the most frequent types of errors),
  • developing new services and products,
  • carrying out surveys and statistical analyses,
  • offering better adjusted contents, including the search results and the content of the courses,
  • improving the matching of ads, which enable us to provide some services free of charge,
  • ensuring security, detecting violations, enforcing legal claims.


We use the collected data also for profiling the Users, i.e. processing it in an automated way to anticipate the behaviour and personal preferences of the Users. However, it does not cause any legal effects towards you and does not have any relevant impact on your situation.

Who do we transfer your data to?

Personal data processing entrusted to other entities

We entrust the processing of your personal data to:

  • the entities which support our IT systems, provide hosting services, data storage services, and telecommunication services, support electronic mail,
  • the entities which handle payments on our behalf,
  • the entities which handle bookkeeping and tax settlements,
  • the entities which provide us with legal and consulting services,
  • the partners which promote our services,
  • the group administrators, if you use our services through an organization (for instance your employer),
  • the teachers and subcontractors who provide us with services related to conducting language courses, if the service you use covers teacher’s assistance or residential course (e.g. blended learning),
  • in case of lessons with a teacher, to the entities which provide supporting tools for organizing, conducting and billing the lessons.

In case of the courses paid for through another company or an organization (for instance your employer) we transfer the personal data of the course Users for the purpose of billing (first name, surname, e-mail address), and in case of some of our customers, with your consent, also for the purpose of monitoring your learning progress. Expressing such consent may be a condition to cover the costs of your course by an external entity.

Personal data processing entrusted to the entities outside the European Union

We use services of the suppliers from different countries, including the suppliers with their registered offices located outside the European Union (for example in the USA). Legal regulations related to personal data protection in these countries are different from the regulations applied in the European Union, however, we require all our suppliers to process the entrusted data in a secure way in compliance with the data protection law applied in the EU. We apply standard measures specified in the EU law, primarily appropriate contractual clauses.

Such suppliers, as of the date of this privacy policy, include Amazon Web Services with its registered office in the USA, Google Inc. with its registered office in the USA, Facebook Inc. with its registered office in the USA.

What you are entitled to

In relation to the processing of your personal data, you are entitled to request:

  • access to your personal data,
  • correction of the incorrect data and filling in missing information,
  • to limit the processing of your personal data,
  • to stop processing your personal data and profiling which results from our legitimate interests related to your specific situation,
  • to stop processing your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing and profiling related to direct marketing,
  • removal of the data being processed,
  • removal of the data published unjustifiably on our websites,
  • making the data processed in an automated way available in a structured and commonly used format, for example to transfer it to another data administrator.

The ability to exercise the abovementioned rights may depend on the legal basis for processing your personal data by us and on the purpose for processing your personal data. Please send the applications related to the processing of personal data by e-mail or by post.

You can view or modify most of the personal data related to your account at Ustawienia konta. There is also a functionality which enables you to request removal of your account.

In order to authorize the submitted applications related to personal data our employee may also ask you to provide additional information to confirm the identity of the person submitting the application.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to processing personal data at any time. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing your personal data based on consent before its withdrawal.

Data retention period

If you withdraw your consent to processing your personal data or if all the agreements which have been the basis for the processing of your personal data are terminated, your personal data shall be removed, subject that:

  • We do our best to protect personal data of the Users against accidental or intentional removal. Therefore in some situations there is a delay between removal of the data in an account and removal of the copies of these elements from our servers.
  • In exceptional situations (for example if there is a risk of pursuing claims related to the execution of an agreement or if the User violates these regulations or the regulations of the applicable law) we may retain the data which are required to determine the scope of violation or to pursue and defense against possible claims. However, we shall not retain the data for more than 10 years from the date of withdrawal of the consent or termination of the agreement.
  • We are obligated by law to retain the data necessary for tax and accounting settlements, for the period of time specified in appropriate regulations.
  • We are obligated by law to ensure accountability of stored personal data, therefore we shall store required information and documents for the period of time necessary to do so.
  • The data shall not be removed if there is other legal basis for the processing of the data which override the regulations related to the interests, rights and freedoms of the User.

Supervisory authority

If you have any objections to the way we process your personal data, please contact us first. You are also entitled to make a complaint to the supervisory authority:

Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych (Personal Data Protection Office)
ul. Stawki 2
00-193 Warszawa

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Site Provider reserves a right to make changes to this Privacy Policy, in compliance with the relevant legal regulations. The valid version of the Privacy Policy will be available on the following web page:

Privacy Policy updated on: 6 March 2024.